Auto Darkening Helmet
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  • Auto - Darkening welding helmet is designed to protect the welder's eyes from harmful radiation including visible light, ultraviolet radiation (UV) and infra-red radiation (IR) resulting from certain arc and gas welding processes when used in accorfance with User instrictions. 
  • Suitable for all types of electro - welding's, covered electrodes, plasma welding, cutting and laser welding except ges welding. 
  • High definition protective filter, you can see the welding cionfitions clearly when welding the goods. Welding luminosity is soft and comfortable. 
  • Striking the Arc Sensor 4, the observing window darkns immediately.
  • Powe supply: High performance solar cells and lithium battery.
  • Internal variable sensitivity and delay time can be adjustable. Delay time (0.1-1.0S)
  • Shade Variable : Shades, DIN4/ 9-13
  • Limited working temperature Range : -10degree ~ + 60degree
  • UV/IR Protection DIN16

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